Supreme Court Will Review Eleventh Circuit’s Decision in Andro-Gel® “Pay for Delay” Case

The Supreme Court acted with faster-than-expected speed, granting a petition to review an Eleventh Circuit decision upholding a “pay for delay” agreement (also called a “reverse payment” agreement),[1] which involves the patented drug AndroGel®, against an antitrust attack.  As reported in, “Companies have struck more than 100 […]

Zac Brown Band’s Guitar Strap Flap

The title of Zac Brown Band’s album You Get What You Give, released in September 2010, may prove ironically prophetic if a new copyright lawsuit results in an award of sought remedies. The complaint, filed on November 30, 2012 by creative leatherworker Kyle Landas, alleges that Landas personally presented […]

Clark Equipment Company Brings Anticybersquatting Case Involving its BOBCAT® Trademarks

Clark Equipment Company d/b/a Bobcat Company, based in West Fargo, North Dakota but stated to manage its trademark portfolio from its Atlanta corporate office (“Bobcat Company”), filed an anticybersquatting complaint in the Northern District of Georgia, asserting that Mr. Ted Corriher improperly registered domain names using Bobcat Company’s […]