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Jewelry Design Theft Raised by Ronaldo Designer Jewelry Against The Southern Link in new Copyright Suit

Ronaldo Designer Jewelry (Ronaldo) asserts copyright infringement, trade dress infringement, unfair competition and unfair trade practices under the Lanham Act, and unfair and deceptive trade practices under the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act against The Southern Link of Georgia, Inc. (“The Southern link”), John Does d/b/s New Dimensions, and 99 John Does (reproducers, manufacturers, copiers, importers, distributors, displayers, and sellers for or on behalf of The Southern Link, including agents).
The verified complaint identifies the infringing works, beginning with “The Power of Prayer Bracelet” pictured on page 5 with the accused infringing products pictured on page 6.  The complaint also alleges infringement of “The Wide Power of Prayer Bracelet,”  the “Stackable Bracelet,” the “Waverly Bracelet,” the “Pearl of My Heart” bracelet, “THE LOVE KNOT” bracelet, and the “Rediscovered Treasure Bracelet.”  All but “THE LOVE KNOT” and “Rediscovered Treasure Bracelet” were alleged as infringed in Ronaldo’s earlier suit against Golden Stella and were pictured in our January blog on that suit at

Ronaldo receive United States Copyright Office Certificate of Registration VA 1-815-649 with an effective registration date of April 20, 2012, for “THE LOVE KNOT” and Registration VA 1-125-963 with an effective registration date of December 7, 2001 for the “Rediscovered Treasure Bracelet.”
For a history of Ronaldo please see our earlier blog.
Ronaldo alleges that the infringement began in November 2012 and is deliberate and continuing and has caused irreparable harm.  Ronaldo seeks damages, including actual damages and profits or statutory damages, along with willfull copyright damages and trebled damages under the Lanham Act, and a permanent injunction.

The case is Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, Inc. v The Southern Link of Georgia, Inc., et. al,  No. 1:13-cv-993-JEC, filed 03/27/13 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, and has been assigned to U.S. District Judge Julie E. Carnes.

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