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It’s My Jungle in Here – Owner of Mark ZOO MANIA® Seeks to Exclude Interloper in Games Field

Mark Rice d/b/a Zoomania Games (“Rice”) asserts a complaint against Atico International USA Inc.; Atico International, Inc.; and Caremark PHC, L.L.C. aka CVS Caremark (“Atico”), asserting Lanham Act Trademark Infringement claims under 15 U.S.C. 1114(1) and 15 U.S.C. 1125(a), unfair competition under Georgia law, and seeking an accounting […]

Atlanta Resident Accused of Counterfeiting and Distributing Confusingly Similar Imitations of Trademarked Chanel Handbags and Wallets

Chanel, Inc. (“Chanel”), based in New York, brings this complaint in the Northern District of Georgia asserting counterfeiting and trademark violations against Sarah Janelle, several aliases, and d/b/a’s (“Janelle”), as well as 10 Does. Six United States Federal Trademark Registrations are alleged to have been violated:  0,626,035, 1,314,511, […]

Northern District of Georgia Home to Nine Patent Infringement Complaints Filed by CTP Innovations

On June 28, 2013, CTP Innovations, LLC (“CTP”) filed nearly identical patent infringement complaints against nine commercial printing businesses. These complaints, filed in the Northern District of Georgia, allege that the companies infringe two CTP patents, U.S. Patent Nos. 6,611,349 (the ‘349 Patent) and 6,738,155 (the ‘155 Patent). […]

Jewelry Design Theft Raised by Ronaldo Designer Jewelry Against The Southern Link in new Copyright Suit

Ronaldo Designer Jewelry (Ronaldo) asserts copyright infringement, trade dress infringement, unfair competition and unfair trade practices under the Lanham Act, and unfair and deceptive trade practices under the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act against The Southern Link of Georgia, Inc. (“The Southern link”), John Does d/b/s New Dimensions, and […]

Insurance Company Files DJ Action to Avoid Coverage for Defendant in Lawsuits Brought by George Clooney and Julia Roberts

In a prior post, we reported on an October 2012 right-of-privacy (right to publicity) lawsuit filed in the Northern District of Georgia by celebrities George Clooney and Julia Roberts against Kennesaw-based Digital Projection, Inc. (“DPI”), a seller of projectors and related items.  With service of the summons having been waived […]