N.D. Ga.

Judge Batten Assigned Patent Dispute Involving Industrial Rubber Mats

Wearwell, LLC v. M+A Matting, LLC, Civil Action No. 3:23-cv-00032-TCB (N.D. Ga., Feb. 23, 2023)

The assignee of two patents directed at interlocking rubber mats has brought suit in the Northern District. The Complaint broadly alleges the Defendant infringes U.S. Patent Nos. 11,174,648 and 11, 454,037 by selling without authorization at least four Accused Products. The Accused Products all relate to the kinds of interlocking, modular rubber mats used as flooring in certain industrial spaces. The Complaint does not specify any particular claims from the ’648 and ’037 patents.

The case has been assigned to Judge Timothy Batten, Sr.

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