N.D. Ga.

CommWorks Solutions Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Technicolor Connected Home USA LLC, Technicolor USA, Inc. Re: WiFi Technology

CommWorks Solutions, LLC v. Technicolor Connected Home USA LLC and Technicolor USA Inc., Civil Action No.  1:22-cv-02827-SCJ (N.D. Ga.)

CommWorks Solutions, an affiliate of Georgia-based NPE IPInvestments Group, is suing Technicolor USA, Inc. and its subsidiary, Technicolor Connected Home USA LLC, alleging patent infringement.

Technicolor provides technology solutions aimed at providing customers with improved connectivity and WiFi experiences. In the complaint, filed on July 18, 2022, CommWorks alleges that many products employed by Technicolor are based on patents owned by CommWorks. The plaintiffs provide a list of dozens of Technicolor routers, access points, gateways, devices, and other products with Wi-Fi-related technology that they claim infringe upon their patents.

This is a continuation of CommWorks’ first litigation campaign, which also involves assertion of some of these same patents (acquired from Intellectual Ventures LLC) in 11 actionsvariety of federal district courts, including actions against Charter Communications, D-Link Corp., Mediacom Communications Corp., Comcast Cable Communications, RCN Telecom Services. Unified Patents has an active campaign attacking the CommWorks patent portfolio via ex parte reexamination.

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