N.D. Ga.

A Tale of Two Companies and the Patented Dental Technology for Tooth Replacement and Oral Tissue Regeneration

3D Scan Guide LLC v. 360 Imaging LLC, Civil Action No. 1:23-cv-01518-JPB (N.D. Ga., Apr. 7, 2023)

3D Scan Guide LLC (“3D”) brought suit in the Northern District to protect its patented dental products used for tooth replacement solutions and oral tissue regeneration.

In its Complaint, 3D claims 360 Imaging LLC infringed the claims of U.S. Patent No. RE 47,368 (“the ’368 Patent”). “The ’368 Patent relates generally to apparatuses for use with an instrument to drill a hole in a surface (e.g., the interior of a dental patient’s mouth) at a desired location.” See Complaint, at 5 ¶ 15.  3D claims that as of the date of the invention, it was unconventional and non-routine to create templates having removable portions to allow for precise implant placement, which is enabled by the claimed invention.

3D further asserts that 360 Imaging infringes its patent via its dental products—marketed as “Anatomic Guides” and “Partial Extraction Therapy Guides” respectively—that operate in a substantially similar manner.

Advertisement for 360 Imaging LLC's allegedly infringing dental product which asks "What's In The Box?" and displays four images of dental apparatus, seemingly in progressive stages of completion.

Complaint, at 7-8.

The Complaint alleges direct infringement, induced infringement, and contributory infringement. 3D seeks injunctive relief from the infringement, a reasonable royalty and post-trial royalties, and attorney’s fees.

The case has been assigned to Judge J. P. Boulee.

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