Coin Operated Amusement Games, Games of Skill Cited in Copyright and Counterfeiting Suit

Jenka Lab, LLC et al v. Guangzhou Crazy Software Technology Co., Ltd., Civil Action No. 2:23-cv-00046-RWS (N.D. Ga., Mar. 17, 2023)

An anti-counterfeiting action has been filed in the Northern District of Georgia involving software associated with gaming systems.

Jenka Lab, LLC and Bronnikov Consulting filed suit against Guangzhou Crazy Software Technology Co., Ltd., for trademark infringement, trademark counterfeiting, false designation of origin under the Lanham Act, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of trade secrets. According to the Complaint, Jenka Labs has been the exclusive distributer of certain amusement machines created by Bronnikov, and also holds an exclusive license to use the marks associated with the name Jenka Labs. Bronnikov creates, designs, and develops the software, 3-D artwork, and audiovisual effects for various electronic games, including for the Georgia Lottery’s Coin Operated Amusement Machines. The Complaint alleges Bronnikov has invested millions in developing the high-quality and reliable electronic games of skill. In addition, Bronnikov claims to have created the source code for the games, which is accessible only to employees who both need access and have executed confidentiality agreements.

According to the Complaint, the Plaintiffs uncovered the alleged infringement and misappropriation when preparing for a Las Vegas trade show. In anticipation of the upcoming Amusement Expo International, a trade show sponsored by the American Amusement Machine Association and the Amusement & Music Operators Association, Plaintiffs reviewed the exhibitor list and noted the Defendant’s name. As part of their research into other participants and exhibitors, Plaintiffs discovered that Defendant was allegedly in possession of and selling counterfeit versions of the Plaintiff’s copyrighted works via online sources.

The case has been assigned to Judge Richard Story.

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