N.D. Ga.

Railroad Accident Monitoring Systems at Center of Patent Dispute

Rail Assets, LLC v. Norfolk Southern Corp., Civil Action No. 1:22-cv-04431-SEG (N.D. Ga., Nov. 7, 2022)

A patent dispute case concerning railroad vehicle accident video recording technology was filed in the Northern District of Georgia earlier this month. Rail Assets, LLC, alleges that Norfolk Southern Corporation infringed the 6,088,635 patent, entitled “Railroad Vehicle Accident Video Recorder,” by using and developing a competing product, RailView, without license or authorization.

The products in question monitor the progress of railroad vehicles and the status of various vehicle equipment to facilitate the collection, preservation, and analysis of locomotive incidents. Norfolk Southern co-developed their RailView system with Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC), which is not named in the suit.

Rail Assets seeks a jury trial as well as damages, including enhanced damages under U.S.C. § 284, and attorneys’ fees. The case has been assigned to Judge Sarah E. Geraghty.

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