Hip-Hop Song “I Do What I Want” at Center of Copyright Controversy

Yoland Patrick v. April Louise Poree, Civil Action 1:22-cv-04236-VMC (N.D. Ga., Oct. 24, 2022)

As Bozz Lay’dee, Georgia hip-hop artist April Poree has achieved some success with the song “I Do What I Want.” Her recording of the song is available on such popular platforms as Apple Music, Spotify and You Tube, and she has performed the song at live concerts.

But Georgia resident Yoland Patrick, who also works in the music industry, says “I Do What I Want” is not Bozz Lay’dee’s song. In fact, Patrick registered a federal copyright for the work in July 2019, according to a recent lawsuit filed in the Northern District.

Patrick seeks damages of $150,000 per copyright infringement, plus attorney’s fees and other costs.

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