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Hisense to Defend Smart-TV Patent Row on Home Turf of its U.S. Affiliate

  • Flexiworld Techs. Inc. v. Hisense Co., Ltd., 1-22-cv-04371 (N.D. Ga.)
  • Flexiworld Techs. Inc. v. Hisense Co., Ltd., 1-22-cv-04337 (N.D. Ga.)
  • Flexiworld Techs. Inc. v. Hisense Co., Ltd., 1-22-cv-04338 (N.D. Ga.)            

Oregon-based Flexiworld Technologies recently filed three separate complaints against China-based Hisense Co. in the Eastern District of Texas, asserting infringement by a total of fifteen patents.  Flexiworld is a research and development company in the field of wireless technologies.  It purports to hold over 117 issued patents worldwide. 

The accused products in these cases are Hisense Smart-TVs sold in the United States, including its Android TV, Google TV, Roku TV, X Class TV, and Smart Laster TV as well as its Soundbar products and Remove Now app.  Notably Flexiworld did not chart a representative claim of any of the asserted patents, as has been commonly done in patent infringement complaints since the 2015 abrogation of Form 18.

Rather than have the case heard by Judge Gilstrap, Flexiworld agreed to drop several Hisense affiliates as defendants and to transfer this patent fight to the Northern District of Georgia where Hisense’s U.S. affiliate is headquartered. The case has been assigned to Judge Grimberg.  

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