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Pharmaceutical Start-Up Alleges Rival Engaged in Trade Secrets Misappropriation, Employee Poaching

Trellis RX, LLC v. House RX et al, Civil Action No. 1:22-cv-03026 (N.D. Ga. July 28, 2022)

Two pharmaceutical start-ups are at odds over two employees who jumped from one company to the other.

In a recent filing in the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta-based Trellis Rx alleges that the company’s former COO took a similar role at House Rx in 2022 and took trade secrets related to the Trellis business model with her, then used that confidential information to help build House’s business.

House Rx then allegedly began recruiting other Trellis employees – and successfully hired a pharmacy liaison. This employee works directly with healthcare providers and who had inside information about Trellis’ customer lists, personnel data and other confidential information.

Trellis is seeking an injunction prohibiting House Rx from misappropriating its trade secrets as well as prohibiting the former employees from violating their non-compete clauses. The plaintiffs also are seeking treble and punitive damages.

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