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Case Filed in 2006 Deemed to be in "Early Stages" and Stayed for Second Time Pending PTO Review

IP Co., LLC’s (“IPCO”) patent infringement suit against Tropos Networks, Inc. (“Tropos”) has a long and tortured, albeit uncomplicated, history. IPCO filed its complaint back in March 2006, alleging infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,249,516 (“the ‘516 patent”) and 6,044,062 (“the ‘062 patent”).  Tropos soon thereafter filed ex […]

License Demand Letter Isn’t Enough to Establish Personal Jurisdiction Over Patentee Defendant in a Declaratory Judgment Action

Attorneys often worry that sending a license demand letter (or cease-and-desist letter) on behalf of a patentee will prompt an accused infringer to file a declaratory judgment action in its home forum, thus preempting the patentee’s choice of forum.  This fear is the most significant factor behind patentees’ […]