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Complaint Asserts Copyright Infringement over Hardwood Floor Pattern on Vinyl Wallcovering

U.S. Vinyl Manufacturing Corporation (“USV”) initiated an action for copyright infringement on March 12, 2014, against Colour & Design, Inc. (“Colour”), National Wallcovering, Inc. (“Wallcovering”), Larry and Michael Bixler (“Bixlers”). USV is a Texas corporation headquartered in LaFayette, Georgia.  The defendants are residents of Arkansas.  Both USV and […]

Essentially in Breach? E. T. Horn Co. Sued for Breach of Settlement Agreement and on TM-Related Counts

On March 20, 2013, Lawrenceville, Georgia-based Essential Ingredients, Inc. (“EI”) filed a complaint in the Northern District of Georgia against California-based E. T. Horn Company (“Horn”).  EI alleges that Horn, after having entered into a 2008 settlement agreement promising to stop using the term ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS GROUP or […]