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Patent Case Transferred From Georgia, Plaintiff’s Principal Place of Business, To California, Defendant’s Principal Place of Business

Judge Amy Totenberg granted the motion brought by Noction, Inc. (“Noction”) to transfer the patent infringement action brought by Internap Corporation (“Internap”) to the Northern District of California. The action was based on alleged infringement of one network routing technology patent owned by Internap and potential infringement of […]

Patent Case Denied Transfer- Northern District of Georgia Agrees with Southern District of Florida that the Value of Document Location in Considering Transfer Motions Is Accorded Little Weight in Electronic Era

Acceleron, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company claiming a principal place of business in Atlanta, filed suit against Dell Inc., headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, alleging infringement of Patent No. 6,948,021 (the “’021 patent”), which deals with a hot-swappable server module in a computer network. On June 12, […]

Judge Pannell Declines to Reconsider Order Denying "Re-transfer" of Patent Infringement Action

File an appropriate motion.  Follow accepted procedures.  Address the relevant factors.  Present clear, concise argument.  Avoid legalese and long block quotations.These are the directives of a recent order from Judge Pannell denying reconsideration of an order in which the Court declined to “re-transfer” a patent infringement case to […]